Home Remodeling Help – Coordinate Home Hardware

It’s often said that the devil is in the details, and this is particularly true when it comes to home remodeling projects. Whether you are giving your kitchen, your bathroom, your bedroom or the living room a makeover, it is important to pay attention to the small things as much as it is important to pay attention to the big things. New flooring like linoleum or carpeting, new furniture and appliances, new paint or wallpaper – all of these things are the big ticket items we tend to focus on the most. After all, they usually cost the most and take up the most space and time to get taken care of. But the smaller details, like your home hardware choices, are the things that really tie the whole room together and make the space look finished, polished, and “done.”

The best way to do this is to coordinate your home hardware with your décor AND the other hardware in the room. For example, if your kitchen is decorated in a French Country style, you can choose to go with rustic ceramic or wrought iron hardware to match that. Then match your door handles to your kitchen cabinet hardware by choosing pieces in similar shapes and sizes or materials. In the bathroom, you can match the door hardware to the cabinet knobs and pulls, and then take it a step further and match it to the faucets and other fixtures in the sink and bathtub. In any room in the home, you can match hardware to the materials used in the light fixtures and other elements.

Coordinating your home hardware with your décor is surprisingly easy and effective. Decorative hardware is available in a huge range of styles, whether you are aiming for an authentic Victorian feel in the bedroom with cut glass door knobs or a warm and elegant traditional style in the living room with oil rubbed bronze door hardware. Swapping out your old hardware for new is an easy project that you can complete on your own in virtually no time, too, even if you aren’t the handiest of people. Templates are available at the hardware store that will help you line up the hardware you’re changing on your cabinetry correctly, which is particularly useful if you have to drill new holes to get the knobs and pulls installed. It can be done in just a few hours, and when you’re finished, you’ll definitely be pleased with the results!

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